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We are constantly looking to strengthen our team. If you think to be the right person for our team, send us your application to: etp-pink[at]t-online.de.

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Koselbruch 7
02977 Hoyerswerda OT Schwarzkollm

  • 035722 / 243 96
  • 035722 / 243 97
  • etp-pink[at]t-online.de


Our most important customers

1. TREPEL Airport Equipment GmbH in Wiesbaden

We have been working for TREPEL Airport Equipment GmbH for years as the factory customer service.

Example projects:

  • Construction and commissioning of aircraft loaders (machines for the loading and unloading of aeroplanes) with lifting loads of 3.5t, 7t, 14t, 20t, 30t and 35t
  • Construction and commissioning of electric tractors
  • Commissioning of transporters
  • Handover of the vehicles and instruction of operating personnel at the customer’s site

2. Gmeinder Lokomotiven GmbH in Moosbach

The company Gmeinder is well known for the production of locomotives for various areas of application. The control cabinets built by us are centrally located in the cab and take over all of the locomotive’s tasks.

3. ZAGRO Bahn- und Baumaschinen GmbH

The company is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of 2-way vehicles. For the prototypes of the control cabinets we took on the direction and construction for the vehicle type E - Maxi. For years, we have been supporting the company with the maintenance of the vehicles and by forward-looking further developments of the control cabinets.


  • The complete electrical control of the vehicle type E – Maxi. This is a shunting machine for carriages, locomotives, or entire trains, which can be used in both directions of travel without rearrangement. The appropriate vehicle is selected based on the required tractive performance.
  • Electrical installation of special vehicles as single items

4. MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH

MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH specialises in the development and manufacturing of industrial heavy duty vehicles for shipping and airport logistics. For many years we have been working for MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH in the field of special vehicle control.

Example projects:

  • Wiring and commissioning of self-driving, driverless vehicles
  • Presentation carriage for Maybach, for showing the car to the customer at a show
  • Installation of tractor units with diesel, electrical and hybrid drives
  • Construction of rail cars with extremely high platforms of different tonnages
  • Development of remote controlled rail cars with various tonnages
  • Development of rail cars for company-internal transports
  • Development, conversion and maintenance of a 100t battery vehicle for the transportation of the fuselage of the Airbus A380
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